Car Air Conditioning

Contrary to popular misconception your air conditioning system is not “fit and forget”. Here are five reasons why you should have your air conditioning system serviced:

  1. Increased fuel costs
    If your system is running low on refrigerant or lubrication it will require more energy to operate and will result in the compressor being engaged for longer periods. This will increase the load on the engine which in turn will increase the fuel consumption
  2. Expensive repairs
    Lack of service typically leads to refrigerant loss, excessive moisture getting into the system and poor circulation of lubricant. Component failures on air conditioning can be extremely expensive as they are labour intensive, parts can be expensive and system debris can be tricky to remove
  3. Too hot
    As performance tails off, the system will be less able to perform as it’s designed to. Such declines are usually gradual and may not be noticed right away. Look out for tell tail signs like the car taking longer to cool down
  4. Pollution
    Clogged pollen filters can no longer capture dust, dirt or pollen as well as they should. Be sure to change these as per the manufacturers’ schedule
  5. Bacteria & Odours
    The dark humid evaporator is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, fungi and micro-organisms. Whatever is in there can be blown into the car resulting in stale smells, irritation or even allergy-type symptoms. Anti-bacterial service treatments can help

Here at FitnFix Auto, we have all the equipment necessary and the experienced staff to service or repair the air conditioning system for either gas for £49.99 (excluding VAT).

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